Certified : ISO 9001



Cormat group is an engineering consultancy group providing corrosion management consultancy services and audit services to oil and gas and petrochemical sectors. Cormat has its registered office in London (UK).

Between the owners, there is 30 years of experience which Cormat Group brings to its Clients. Our services include taking on projects from Concept phase to FEED and Detail Design (EPC) Phases for Materials Selection (for piping, vessels, heat exchangers, columns, valves, instrumentation), Corrosion Monitoring (intrusive/non-intrusive), Sour Service Management, Paintings/Coatings, Welding, Cladding/Weld-Overlay, Passive Fireproofing, Insulation, Cathodic Protection, Chemical Treatment, Corrosion Management Plans, RBI & Inspection Recommendations.

We also provide adhoc services to clients to meet their short term and immediate corrosion problems whether in design or on plant (live operations). With some clients, we have Master Services Agreements / Framework Agreements to provide continuous services for various activities e.g., materials selection, on-going corrosion problems on site, corrosion calculations report, preparation of reports & specifications, etc.

Cormat Group also provides services for preparing Client Corporate Standards to bolster their in-house corrosion management capabilities.

Corrosion data is collected from site and stored and is often only used to determine immediate corrosion concerns. Cormat offers to analyse years of data collected by the client and make corrosion trends with respect to how operations are run. The client also benefits from knowing how to use this data to improve their operations, inspection techniques and how long materials have lasted in the past. This is very unique to every client as every operator has their own experiences.

Cormat Group’s owners’ experiences range from Gas/Condensate plants to FLNG plants, LPG Plants, sweet/sour plants, offshore/onshore plants and pipelines (onshore/buried/sub-sea). We have covered Europe, Asia, Middle East and CIS regions.


It shall be the policy of the company to perform the optimum work keeping the integrity, safety and quality intact and exceeds the expectation of the customers within the statutory and regulatory requirements. We shall continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system leading to improved level of services that we plan to deliver and offer to our valuable customers.



To provide best technically viable and cost effective solutions without compromising on integrity and quality; attain absolute satisfaction of our valuable clients.


A team of qualified and certified professionals having required skills and experiences is always ready to provide optimum solutions to our valuable Clients. It is our policy to make proposals for our Clients which are justifiable technically to the best latest engineering practices and at the same time economical.