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Painting and Coatings

Painting is applied on above ground facilities to mitigate atmospheric corrosion. There are numerous paint products, paint systems and painting manufacturers available and painting/coating technology is much advanced now. Selection of a suitable painting / coating system requires thorough understanding and assessment of the environment to which the painting/coating would be exposed to. For atmospheric corrosion, it is essential to define environment corrosive category as per ISO standard. Other parameters such as maximum operating temperature of fluid, material of construction, insulation, ease of application and repair/maintenance must be considered while selecting paint system. Similarly for pipeline coating systems, a due consideration must be given to soil nature (dry or subkha), riser sections, HDD crossings, water submerged or oil spill areas. A carefully selected proper coating system is primary defense against soil corrosion while cathodic protection system is secondary line of defense. A poorly selected or poorly applied coating system will put a considerable pressure towards cathodic protection system.

When coating applied internally to process and utility piping and equipment such as vessels, tanks, pumps, piping and pipelines to act as a barrier or liner so that direct contact of metal with the fluid is avoided to mitigate internal corrosion, it is more specifically knows as internal lining. Selection of internal lining requires assessment of process parameters such as minimum and maximum operating temperature, maximum operating pressure, blowdown and steam out conditions, and other factors such as fluid type, corrosive and erosive agents, fluid compatibility with candidate coating system, access and ease of coating application. Knowledge of various coating formulations and their limitations is compulsory.

A comprehensive painting and coating specification must cover information related to surface preparation such as surface cleaning, type of abrasive, anchor pattern, surface preparation category, HSE guidelines, painting / coating products types, thickness of each layer, color code, application method, repair procedure, repair products, proper qualification testing, final inspection and testing requirements with acceptance criteria and a checklist to be filled by coating vendor.

Our experts have required qualifications, trainings, certifications, skills and experiences to support our Clients for all stages of a project i.e. Concept select, FEED and EPC. Our experts also keep an up to dated record of latest coating products and technology advancement by getting in touch with major coating manufacturer’s technical experts so that a good technical solution can be offered to Clients.

Cormat offers quality services for various deliverables and non-deliverables as listed below:


  • Painting specification
  • Coating specification for pipelines
  • Coating specification for field joints
  • Internal lining specification
  • Painting and coating related inputs to FEED and EPC scope of work


  • Review of painting and coating procedures
  • Painting/coating specifications review for optimization and technical queries related to painting and coating.
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